Rose Hirano - printmaker

Original Artist Print

This time honoured hand-printing process is carried out by the artist. The medium of an original print could be: etching, lithograph, relief print (such as wood block), serigraph, screen print.

The edition of an original print is not a reproduction or copy of one already completed artwork. To achieve an edition of 12 prints, the artist starts with 12 pieces of paper and repeats each and every inking process twelve times.

Wood Block Print

The part of image which is to remain uninked is carved away.
Wild Horse Parting Mane: Taiji Series

the inked wood

Reduction Wood Block Print

One single piece of wood is used to achieve multiple inking and printing. The hand printing process starts with the lightest colour.
Any white areas in the finished work have to be carved out from the wood block at the very beginning before the application of the first colour.
The flat surface of the wood block serves to retain the paint, which was uniformly applied using a rubber brayer. A piece of paper is then laid over top to take the paint.
Darker values or new colours are then superimposed. In order to leave the lighter colours in place and not covered in subsequent steps, the corresponding areas on the wood block is carved away.
In this way, the flat surface of the wood block to be inked is progressively reduced.
The last colour is the darkest value or black.

Carving between each colour
Inking the block
Rub to transfer ink to paper
Pulling the print
completed 9 steps

A total of 12 sequential steps.
Inked wood block for the last step

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