Rose Hirano

The Grand Connection
Medium: Original Artist Print - Watercolour Print      Edition: 5
Image size: H 13" x W 17"       Framed size: 20" x 23"       $600

Wireless communication essentially eliminates distance among us. However we all might have taken for granted this legacy of Alexander Graham Bell. Here in Brantford there are many reminders of him and his achievements.

A short drive down to Tutela Height leads to his home, the Melville House. Some features on the front facade of his house form the border of the print.

The Bell Telephone Company of Canada building on Market Street occupies the background of the work. The architectural design is dominated by clean strong lines. Blue sky and dark green trees are seen reflected in its windows on a sunny day.

The Bell Memorial is very thoughtfully designed by W.S. Allward of Toronto. It was unveiled on October 24, 1917. I took liberty to place the two statues from the monument at either end of the Grand River, which simulates the communicating line connecting one who speaks and the other who listens. The red dots are the actual historic locations of one way wireless transmissions in 1876. The three figures in the bronze panel traverse through space carrying symbolic messages of Joy, Sorrow and Knowledge.

Grand Parks
Original Artist Print - Serigraph       Edition: 12
Image size: 16" x 12 1/2"      Framed size: 24" x 18"       $600

Brantford is dotted with parks of fantastic designs. Regent Park on The Strand Ave and Regent Street is my favourite park. Although it has just one flower bed, that is all it needs. The double row of trees and evergreen are simple yet striking, providing a very spiritual setting.

Preston Park at Dufferin Avenue and Preston Boulevard is another gem. Every time I drive pass Alexandra Park, the rows of homes on the far side of the park always seems to sparkle under the heavy canopy of dark foliage of the trees. The pathway depicted in this print is that at Victoria Park. It is designed to resemble the Union Jack.

Walking among the carefully planted trees and laid out paths in any of our parks, one may appreciate the work put in the initial design and subsequent maintenance of those beautiful spots.

Digitally Altered Photograph
Image Size: 5" x 10"       Framed Size: 16" x 20"       $375

This gas station was a landmark in downtown Brantford for many decades until it was demolished a few years ago. Hovering at the gateway of the downtown business core on Colborne Street, it could be symbolic of a blast-off towards a brighter future or merely another take-off away from it during Brantford's long struggle out of the economic downturn.
This work was accepted in the 2002 Juried Exhibition at Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant.

Education: Not a Game of Chance
Wood Block Print       Framed Size: 23" x 28"       $600

The casino ignites much controversy. Some people no doubt enjoy the entertaining games of chance. However, legalized gambling is disquieting for many. The opening of the new university campus has somewhat quelled my angst. For Brantford to be known as a university city is a much preferable scenario. The initial composition of the wood block print consists only of the larger portion which is inked black. The university building in the light against the casino in the dark would have sufficiently illustrated my thoughts. Taking another survey of the building from the parkade across the street revealed a startling image which I missed before: the red interlocking stone pathway in the form of a cross. One strike against itself!
This work was accepted in the 2000 Juried Exhibition at Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant.

A Blue & Sombre Day
Serigraph       Image size: 10" x 20"       Framed size:20"x25"       $575

This original silkscreen print is a tribute to Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Walking along Dalhousie Street, I looked up at the Federal Building. At first I was pleasantly struck by the simple but startling sights and colours : the handsome bell tower of the tan-coloured building beckoning the white and red Canadian flag against a beautiful blue sky. On any other day that could just be a bright sunny fall afternoon. However, the flag at half mast plus the time which seemed to be suspended at 3 o'clock turned the blue of the sky into a sombre and mournful hue.

Body, Mind & Spirit
Original Watercolour Print      Image Size: 14" x 19"      Framed size:23"x27"      $600

The 'Y' is a home and a refuge for many people for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. When I look at the building, until it was demolished a few years ago, I tend to look beyond the facade. I see people of all ages and from all walks of life going through the front entrance seeking comfort in leisure pursuits or otherwise. Especially driving by at night, the interior seems to glow with genuine warmth, offering an anchor and a sense of belonging.

Water Street
Medium: Wood Block Print
Image size: 5" x 13"       Framed size: 10" x 16"      $175

Grand Daffodil, Grand Trillium - Reduction Wood Block Print
Edition: 12       Framed Size: 19" x 18"       $350.00 each
Daffodil, the official city floral emblem, complemnts Ontario's trillium. Both flowers are braced by the undulating OxBow of the Grand River.

Victoria Square
Medium: Reduction Wood Block Print
Image size: 20" x 27"       Framed size: 28" x 36"      $750

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